Looking Ahead at 2017

busyThis post comes about a week late, but that’s okay. The kids and I were all sick last week and needed the time to recover. What a blessing that time was! But now we’re (mostly) recovered, and it’s time to embrace our time with renewed vigor.

Normally, in the week between Christmas and New Year, I take an evening to go off by myself and start considering my goals and such for the New Year. I take time to praise God for the stuff that happened in the previous year, and to pray about what’s to come. Then I start listing goals in different life categories:








(Most of these categories have sub-categories.)

I usually try to limit myself to 3 goals in each category. Then, each new month, I pick about 3 goals from different categories to work on. Even though I might have a few other goals during that particular month, those 3 are usually my focus.


Word of the Year

I could go through and list each goal for the year, but that would be at best cumbersome, at worst boring. I will say that most of the goals center around my word of the year.


Consistency has been something I’ve struggled with, especially given my health issues, for many years. I am always sick(ly), and I struggle to find the time to do everything when I’m in a perpetual state of catching up.

Inconsistency leads to more stress, more illness, more of all the bad things. In order to get myself off of this circle I seem to be riding, I have to break the cycle.

Of course, this is a big undertaking. I know that I cannot do it alone–I’ve tried time and again. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Phil 4:13), is definitely the Bible verse I’ll be clinging to this year (among others).


January Goals

So, what are my first few goals for 2017?

Health: I am focusing on menu planning and portion control as I aim to get my blood pressure under control. Each week, I’ll review my menu for the month and shop from that (cutting out most junk food). And with each meal, I’ll be sure my carb level falls within appropriate ranges.

Overall: Write out a new routine/schedule that will allow me to include all the necessary aspects of my life and business in a more orderly (less stressful) way. Be sure to include “me” to help me relax.

Business: Write 40,000+ words on Soter, the 2nd of the books contracted by Elk Lake Publishing (releasing in the fall, most likely). I will be writing 2,000 words in the evening after the kids are in bed.

I’m already plunging my way through the first 2 goals. Sadly, I haven’t even started on the 3rd goal, but I’m getting to it! I just have some catching up to do!


So, what are your goals for January? Do you have a word for your year?

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  1. I do have my word for 2017 – EXPECTATION – and I even get a bonus word, ANTICIPATION!
    I’m a wee bit excited this year!! 😉

  2. My word this year was last year’s word. PAUSE. I’m keeping it because it’s a good word and something I’m still working on.

    Jan. Goals
    Health – stay as gluten/grain free as possible. I need to lose weight and lower inflammation. And I simply feel better when I stick to that diet.

    Business – I set a goal of 50,000 words to add to my WIP by the end of the month. #janowrimo And I’m off to a SAD start. But I’m determined to keep going.

    Overall – find additional ways to lower my stress level.

    Happy 2017! May God bless it!

    • How are you doing with your goals now?

      • hi Ralene – not so good with the writing goals. I’m grappling with heavy depression right now and searching for a counselor or therapist. Been there before and man, I hate it so much. It comes in waves, like grief, and you never know when it’s gonna hit you. It’s like screaming for help in a crowd and no one hears you. And when you do tell someone, they want you to pray harder. Or stand up and scream Hallelujah as loud as you can. If it was only that easy. 🙁

  3. My goal for January was to submit several pieces of writing, and I just sent in my second one! It’s been great to get in the habit.

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