June 2016 Goals

PIC1068506062Can you believe that another month has flown by? I love May because of my birthday and Mother’s Day . . . and a bunch of my friends have birthdays. It’s a fun month–usually.

This year, though, it was a big ball of illness for my house. Half of April until the last week of May had at least one, if not more, people in my home laid out, too sick to do much of anything. It was rough, but we recovered.

As a result, though, I didn’t full accomplish any of my goals for May. I finished the first draft of Bellanok 4, but did not get revisions done (working on those now), which means I didn’t get the whole thing put together either. And being sick did not make for getting into routines or fixing our diets.

So, this month, is a try and try again type of month. Here are my goals for May:

1. Finish revisions on Bellanok 4 so I can release it mid-month. I should get revisions done by Wed. next week, then out to my proofreader/formatter. Hopefully, life doesn’t intervene too much.

2. Pull the whole Bellanok story together in one book and work on revisions.

3. Read through and make notes on revisions for Aletheia. This is a fantasy I was working on before Bellanok. It’s had a year to rest, so I’m hoping to use my agent’s and CP’s notes to make it stronger.

4. Get into a summer routine where we are still doing homeschool while I am working on big writing/editing plans!

We will get our diet under control by using a monthly menu plan and working it into our routine.

What about you? What are 1-3 of your goals for June?

(Let’s hold each other accountable!)

If you sounded off with your goals on May’s post, how’d you do? Were you more successful than I was? I hope so! (Amy, Jennette, Janeen, Becky, Randy, Liberty, Celesta, Jill, and Josh)

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  1. Well, I read 18 scripts. So didn’t quite reach the goal. But I think that’s enough for me to get the idea. This month I’m participating in JuNoWriMo with a word count goal of 17000 words.

  2. For June? Replacing the plot holes in my novel, getting it ready for submission. Get my tutoring schedule set up for summer.

  3. Jill Fortriede

    Ummm…I accomplished loving on my baby! But that is about it. I also got a little bit of writing done, but not on my main manuscript. I started a new project that I’m pretty excited about. I have not written anymore on my blog, though I plan to change that this month.

  4. May was a bit of a gong sho for me, too, but it was having tons going on, not sickness. I want to finish up my freebie chapters and get them up on my website for people to read. That’s the main goal.

  5. I didn’t make any May goals, and June is already packed with family things. However, Realm Makers is less than 2 months away! So my June goals are:
    1) work on Costume Banquet centerpieces
    2) work on COSTUME!
    3) get my one sheet revamped

    I’m praying for Becky and all her staff! No more illness, Ralene. 😀 Thanks for all you do for Realm Makers!

  6. I’m sad because I had hoped to attend the Christian writer’s conference in E-town this June but my finances this year said, “Not yet!” But, I am happy that since the previous conference that I have two books on Amazon for sale and now working hard on a third. Of course, I have to say one was about ready to go by the time I left that previous conference. Anyway, my goals going forward with June is to hit the road finding 6 venues to sell my books, and continuing working on my draft for book # 3. Also, I plan to keep a cooler packed in my car of raw veggies and fruit and plenty of water.

  7. So I just saw this now, because that happens. Whoops!

    1.) Spring Play went off great and a lot of people loved it, although I definitely need to organize better next year and a 25-member cast? NEVER. AGAIN.
    2.) Just finished the vampire novella! Wo0t! 😀
    3.) Business-launchy things are going fantastic. I just need to keep up momentum and learn how to leverage new self-knowledge.
    4.) Spring sword-fighting event was kind of rained out and poorly attended, but husband’s summer classes are doing well. Whether things succeed or…less-than-succeed, it’s always a learning experience!
    5.) Exercise. Yeah, still working on that.

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